The Transition Decade creates a campaign platform and a shared timeline for action for the next ten years.

View the timeline (pdf) or read the summary below:

From 2010: Community Commitment - Getting Whole Communities to YES

Activate Transition Advocates - This phase will see organisations working together and sharing resources to build the capacity to promote the Transition Decade concept on a mass scale. A growing alliance of climate focused individuals and organisations will generate a level of social approval throughout communities across Australia of the Transition Decade goals. This task can not be achieved by a small group of organisations. The alliance will gather and share tools support to individuals and organisations across sectors to get to YES on the goals to restore a safe climate.  

Social Mobilisation - Creating mass ‘social will’ to adopt a transition decade target will be a vital stage in achieving the goals of the Transition Decade vision. Extensive and highly creative approaches will be employed to attract people to support the this vision.


When a significant proportion of the community accepts the climate emergency, we can build the political will to enable governments and business to respond to the shared goals of the Transition Decade. Our political leaders need to hear a clear message from the community that we must invest in policies and projects to achieve a social and structural transition.

From 2012: Government Commitment

Policy Reform - Major changes to existing policy and the formulation of new legislation will be necessary to provide a framework for new economic development and innovation.


From 2014: Intense Transition Mode

Economic Reorientation - Shifts in the current economic system will be vital in providing the stimulus and capacity for the design, construction and production of necessary systems, services and goods.

Given the huge scale of what needs to be done to restore a safe climate, it will be impossible to get everything done in a decade, or even two decades, if we continue to approach the transition in a business-as-usual way.

It will take a determined effort from all levels of the
community to remain committed to effective action until the task is completed.