To protect environmental systems and to avoid further tipping points it will be necessary to act as fast as humanly possible.

The Transition Decade sets out a ten year timeline for action; guided by a goal of a sustainable world, in response to the climate emergency, recognising the social and structural transition scale required to restore safe climate conditions.

The next 10 years are critical for our planet. We stand on the edge of major ecological tipping points that could manifest in the next ten years. Appropriate risk management would demand the need for immediate action. To protect environmental systems and to avoid further tipping points it will be necessary to act as fast as possible to lower the earth’s temperature to within the safe climate range.

The Transition Decade is inspired by our human capacity revealed in times of great challenge. We can draw on our full breadth of strengths and abilities to make a powerful contribution and create profound change at this pivotal time.

The purpose is to engage with the widest audience possible within geographical locations to accelerate  commitment and action to restore a safe climate.

To make this possible we need to create a commitment from the community and build the political will to adopt and implement the necessary actions to avoid further tipping points.


Human history demonstrates our ability to overcome enormous challenges when faced with great adversity. With vision determination, ingenuity and creativity it’s possible for great social transformations to occur with lasting benefits to present and future generations.

There is a capacity in us, that most do not know we have, that enables us to function at optimal effectiveness in emergency mode. That allows us to surmount the seemingly insurmountable.

Is now the time to tap this capacity? Are we the ones we’ve been waiting for? Is it time for us to step-up and overlay all that we do with emergency mode for The Great Transition? Is it time to examine all our commitments and priorities? Is it time for us to work on our own Transition Decade Plans?

By working strategically and connecting our work beyond the usual silos and divisions we can send a strong message that collaboration across all movements and sectors is vital at this time and catalyse people not previously active into action.

Working from our respective strengths and from the shared vision of the Transition Decade we can step into Emergency Mode together and concentrate fully on moving forward to reach the goal

"It is decision time. Like earlier civilizations that got into environmental trouble, we have to make a choice. We can stay with business-as-usual and watch our economy decline and civilization unravel, or we can adopt Plan B and be the generation that mobilizes to save civilization. Our generation will make the decision, but it will affect life on earth for all generations to come".

Lester R. Brown, President of Earth Policy Institute


Earth Policy Institute